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Ushnishavijaya Dharani

by AZUKX featuring Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche




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My Very Best Wishes To You All
Gary Azukx

In these uncertain times of the Coronavirus pandemic, it was a great honour to be asked by Rinpoche to compose some music for this powerful long life Dharani.


The dhāraṇī with approximate meanings of the Sanskrit

oṁ - namo - salutation, homage; bhagavate - to the lord;
sarva - all;
trailokya - in the three worlds; prativiśiṣṭāya - very special, superior;
buddhāya - to the Buddha;
te - that;
namaḥ - salutation, homage;
tadyathā - that is thus;
oṁ - bhrūṃ bhrūṃ bhrūṃ - seed syllables;
śodhaya śodhaya - purify;
viśodhaya viśodhaya - specially purify;
asamasamantāvabhāsaspharaṇa - one who radiates all pervad- ing unequalled light;
gatigaganasvabhāvaviśuddhe – whose nature is completely pure like the sky
abhiṣiñcantu - initiate;
māṃ - me;
sarvatathāgatāḥ - all tathāgatas; sugatapravacana - teachings of the tathāgatas;
amṛta - abhiṣekaiḥ - give me the nectar of initiation;

mahāmudrāmantrapadaiḥ - words of great seal; oṃ - āhara āhara - absorb them into me;
mama āyussamdhāraṇi - mother who gives life to me;
śodhaya śodhaya - purify;
viśodhaya viśodhaya - specially purify;
gaganasvabhāvaviśuddhe - nature is completely pure like the sky;
uṣṇīṣavijayapariśuddhe - you who are Uṣṇīṣavijaya and completely pure;
sahasraraśmisañchodite - shining with thousand rays of light;
sarvatathāgata - avalokini - you who see all the Tathāgatas;
ṣaṭpāramitāparipūriṇi - you who have perfected all the six pāramitās;
sarvatathāgatamāte - mother of all Tathāgatas;
daśabhūmipratiṣṭhite - you who are established in the tenth bhūmi;
sarvatathāgatahṛdaya adhiṣṭhāna-adhiṣṭhite - one who is established in the hearts of all tathāgatas gives blessings of the essence of all tathāgatas; oṃ -;
mudre mudre mahāmudre - you who are a great seal;
vajrakāyasaṃhatanapariśuddhe - one who has realized the va- jrakāya;
sarvakarma - āvaraṇaviśuddhe - purify all defilements of kar- mas;
pratinivartaya mama āyurviśuddhe - purify my life totally;
sarvatathāgatasamaya - adhiṣṭhāna - adhiṣṭhite - bless with the blessings of the vows of all tathāgatas;
oṃ - the cosmic sound,

Buddha’s body, speech and mind;
muni muni - sage; mahāmuni - the great sage;
vimuni vimuni - special sage; mahāvimuni - great special sage;
mati mati - knowledge; mahāmati - great knowledge;
mamati sumati tathatā - all knowing, compassionate knowledge and nature of suchness;
bhūtakoṭipariśuddhe - purifying the limit of reality;
visphuṭabuddhiśuddhe - purifying the mind;
he he jaya jaya - victory; vijaya vijaya - special victory;
smara smara - remember;
sphara sphara sphāraya sphāraya - radiate;
sarvabuddha adhiṣṭhāna - adhiṣṭhite - who is established in all Buddhas;
oṃ -; śuddhe śuddhe - pure;
buddhe buddhe - the awakened ones;
vajre vajre - vajra; mahāvajre - the great vajra;
suvajre - good vajra; vajragarbhe - essence of vajra; jayagarbhe - essence of victory; vijayagarbhe - essence of victory; vajrajvālāgarbhe - essence of the fire of vajra;
vajrodbhave - arisen out of vajra;
vajrasaṃbhave - born of vajra;
vajre vajriṇi - you who are the vajra;
vajraṃ bhavatu mama śarīram - may my body become like the vajra;
sarvasattvānāñcakāyapariśuddhirbhavatu me sadā - may the kaya of the sentient beings become always pure;
sarvagati - all the births;
pariśuddhiśca - become pure;
sarvatathāgatāśca mama samāśvāsayantu - may all the blessings of tathāgata comfort me;
oṃ -; buddhe buddhe - the awakened one; siddhe siddhe - realized one.
bodhaya bodhaya - awaken; vibodhaya vibodhaya - specially awaken; mocaya mocaya - liberate;
vimocaya vimocaya - specially liberate;
śodhaya śodhaya - purify;
viśodhaya viśodhaya - specially purify;
samantān mocaya mocaya - liberate us;
samantaraśmipariśuddhe - you who are the wholeness of light and totally pure;
sarvatathāgatahṛdaya adhiṣṭhāna-adhiṣṭhite - you who abides in the heart of all tathāgatas.
oṁ mudre mudre mahāmudre - seal, great seal;
mahāmudrāmantrapadaiḥ svāhā - words of great seal;


released May 17, 2020
Recitation: Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche
Music: Azukx
Artwork: Gary Dyson
Ushnishavijaya Thanka by Tara Di


all rights reserved



Gary Azukx Dyson 格里.阿祖克斯.戴森 UK

A near fatal motorbike accident at 21, made me find a new direction. My friends said sing! I said Really? That's how it started. I joined bands, Became a session singer, then a lead singer did a few tours, went clubbing wrote some tracks, got a record deal. Then another big life change, got interested in Buddhism, became a student of DJKR studied hard. Guru said "make Dharma trance" so here I am! ... more

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