Everything is Everything

by AZukx


My first dance album released in 1995
only available for download from Itunes
As this recording is still owned by Mantra Recordings
Profits do NOT go to Khyentse Foundation


released September 18, 1995

1 Lift (Future Mix) 8:44
2 124 Stomp 7:18
3 Tranquility 9:27
4 Lamb 8:39
5 Martha's Dance 5:58
6 One Tribe 6:53
7 Euphoria



Gary Azukx Dyson UK

A near fatal motorbike accident at 21, made me find a new direction. My friends said sing! I said Really? That's how it started. I joined bands, Became a session singer, then a lead singer did a few tours, went clubbing wrote some tracks, got a record deal. Then another big life change, got interested in Buddhism, became a student of DJKR studied hard. Guru said "make Dharma trance" so here I am! ... more

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